Saturday, December 7, 2013

Been a Long Few Months

Or almost a year.

I am horrible about this blogging thing, so early resolution - try to keep up on it.

Lately, it seems the end of 2013 has been just horrible for my friends.  Several friends have lost beloved pets, some have had issues with job or life in general, and others are sick - so sick that they can only be treated for pain.

2013 - you have three weeks left.  Let's try and be a bit nicer, lest you are forgotten quickly and quietly as the new year starts up.

Stop the antics.  You have been warned.

"Either shape up or I shall taunt you a 
second time!"

For me, the past several months have been really good and some bad.

The good and mostly awesome:

I accepted a job in Detroit, and now live in Michigan.  While I still love and miss Indianapolis, I love my job and really enjoy the area.

I have the most amazing friends who have helped me out during rough times

I have money to go and see my family at the holidays this year

Tanwen was having massive anxiety issues and I was trying my best to not give her up because she was peeing on the carpet.  After several months, I found the answer - anti-anxiety collar.  It only lasts two weeks instead of the promised 30 days, but hey, I'll take it.

Several friends had new babies this year.  I live vicariously through them.

I am cooking a lot more than I was last year.  I hope at one point soon to try making bone broth.

The needs-work-soon:

I've fallen off the weight loss bandwagon

The "well, shit.  Life does happen":

Been diagnosed with degenerative arthritis in my spine and discs.  I start PT in January, and am still trying to figure out how to use all of my personal training sessions that I've been missing as we figure out what's going on with my back - without aggravating the back.

And just for everyone who doesn't like to think on it:

Elian Gonzalez turned 20 the other day.

This is about how I felt when my friend mentioned that 
in conversation and someone else said, "Who?"