Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Introductions are in order.

First off, I'm a gamer geek, though I don't play MMOs.  I rent my own apartment, I have a full-time job, and I pay my bills on time.  I also shower daily, sometimes twice a day, depending on if I hit the gym or not.

Just so we can get the idea of a "basement-dweller who doesn't have a job or shower" cliche out of the way.

Now that being said, let's get to the title of this blog - I'm also someone who has way too much time on my hands, really wants to be a writer, and is addicted to caffeine.  We'll get to that caffeine part later on in other posts, I'm sure.

Two cats own me.  These two are frequently some of the reasons that I either want to spend a lot of time laughing or crying, depending on the day and their antics.

Currently I work in a department that has a lot of fun things about it, mostly the things people think they can get away with in the corporate credit card world.  Honestly, you'd think some people would have common sense, but apparently not.

The things that have been caught that people thought they could submit for reimbursement (that have come up in the past two days):

Boob Job - This may only work if you are the new PowerGirl or Starfire in DC comics.  Otherwise, no.

Engagement Ring for your Fiance - Okay.  Do I need to actually spell this one out?  First, when she finds out (and she will) that you submitted the ring for reimbursement from your *job*, she will kick you to the curb.  If she hasn't already when you are fired for fraud.

Riding Lessons - I can see this, depending on the company, but in my company, it doesn't pass.  Even if the lessons were for how to ride your boss correctly.

My favorite because of the excuse, even though it's the simplest of them all:

Christmas/holiday/birthday cards and gifts for staff - The excuse on this one?  Well, X from the affiliate told me it's allowed!  

This is after she was told three times that no, it's not allowed.  

I'm not sure what happened to common sense in the world.  Or maybe just honesty.  Either one, really.

Some blogs may come with pictures in the future.

For now, have a list of the blogs I read on a regular basis:

http://thebloggess.com/ - What can I say?  Jenny Lawson is amazing, and the conversations she has with her husband sound like some of the conversations I have with friends.  And she owns a 5 foot tall metal chicken named Beyonce.  Nuff said.

http://dangerousleanings.blogspot.com/ - My friend, who is a lot funnier than I can ever hope to be.  And he runs a good foam weapons game.

http://wilwheaton.typepad.com/ - Wil Wheaton.  Need I really, really, say anything else?  

http://www.tellingdad.com/telling-dad/ - Found him through TheBloggess.  Posts range from funny to poignant.  And the man has a Squish, Smear, Repeat policy.

http://serenityvalleyfarmoh.blogspot.com/ - My friend who runs a farm on her own.  I've always been impressed with her ability to just *do* whatever she puts her mind to doing.  The fact that she's running a farm complete with chickens, turkeys, a cow named Stewie, a garden, barn cats, and a dog + working a full time job just leaves me in awe.  

I'm sure there's more I'll toss in as time goes on.  For now, that's about it from this end.

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